Successfactors Purolator


Successfactors Purolator

Purolator’s Transformation: How SAP SuccessFactors Drive Employee Experience and Business Success

Purolator, a leading Canadian logistics and shipping company, has a long history of innovation. Recognizing the importance of employee engagement and a streamlined HR infrastructure in today’s competitive landscape, the company embarked on a digital transformation journey with SAP SuccessFactors. Here’s how this decision has empowered Purolator in significant ways:

Streamlining HR Processes

Traditionally, Purolator faced challenges with manual and fragmented HR processes. SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central has been pivotal in automating and centralizing core HR functions. With a single source of truth for employee data, Purolator now enjoys the following:

  • Simplified onboarding: New employees are seamlessly guided through the onboarding process.
  • Efficient payroll management: Data accuracy reduces errors and ensures timely payments.
  • Enhanced self-service capabilities: Employees manage their time-off requests, update information, and access resources without extensive HR intervention.

Developing a Culture of Learning

Purolator understood that continuous learning is a crucial driver of success in the ever-evolving logistics industry. SAP SuccessFactors Learning provided the foundation for innovative training programs like “Evolve” to develop their frontline managers into influential leaders. The results have been impressive:

  • Measurable ROI: Purolator has seen a significant return on investment with savings linked to the program.
  • Employee engagement boost: Upskilling opportunities promote a sense of value and motivation amongst employees.
  • Improved agility: The workforce now adapts faster to new technologies and processes.

Championing Diversity and Inclusion

Purolator fosters a workplace where everyone feels valued and respected. To advance its diversity and inclusion (D&I) goals, Purolator plans to leverage a D&I solution from Qualtrics alongside SAP SuccessFactors. This will provide:

  • Data-driven insights: Metrics will identify areas for improvement and track progress.
  • Targeted initiatives: Purolator can design programs based on accurate data, not assumptions.
  • Stronger sense of belonging: A focus on D&I ensures all employees feel empowered and have opportunities to thrive.

Additional Benefits of SAP SuccessFactors for Purolator

  • Enhanced decision-making: HR analytics provide leadership with a clearer view of workforce trends.
  • Improved goal alignment: Performance management tools encourage employee and manager collaboration.
  • Boosted employee satisfaction: A user-friendly HR interface and easy self-service lead to a satisfying employee experience.


Purolator’s investment in SAP SuccessFactors is more than just a technology upgrade. It reflects their commitment to creating an exceptional employee experience that fuels innovation and drives business outcomes. By embracing the power of people-centric HR solutions, Purolator continues to build a resilient, future-ready workforce.

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