Supervisor Query in Oracle Fusion HCM


Supervisor Query in Oracle Fusion HCM

To query a supervisor in Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (HCM), you typically use the application’s reporting tools or write a query against the HCM database, depending on your role and access privileges. Oracle Fusion HCM provides several ways to retrieve this type of information, including pre-built reports, BI Publisher, or the Oracle HCM Cloud application itself through its “Smart View” feature.

Here’s a basic outline of steps you might follow to perform such a query within Oracle Fusion HCM:

Using Pre-built Reports:

  1. Navigate to the Reports Section: Log into Oracle Fusion HCM and navigate to the “My Team” or similar section where reports are located.
  2. Select a Report: Choose a pre-built report that includes supervisor information. For example, “My Team” reports often include direct line management data.
  3. Run the Report: Customize the parameters if needed (such as organization, department, etc.) and run the report.

Using BI Publisher:

  1. Access BI Publisher: From the Oracle Cloud home page, select the “Reports and Analytics” or “Tools” section.
  2. Find or Create a Report: You can either use an existing report template or create a new one if you have the necessary permissions.
  3. Define the Data Model: If creating a new report, you need to define a data model that includes the relevant tables and fields. For supervisor information, you would typically need to include the employee and manager relationship tables.
  4. Design the Report Layout: Create the layout for how you want the report data to be presented.
  5. Run and Test the Report: Ensure that the report returns the correct data, then save and share as needed.

Using HCM Extracts:

  1. Navigate to the Data Exchange Area: Access the “Data Exchange” task under the “Payroll” or “Data Exchange” menu.
  2. Create an HCM Extract: Define a new HCM Extract or use an existing one that is configured to include supervisor data.
  3. Set the Extract Criteria: Configure the criteria to extract the specific supervisor data you need.
  4. Run the Extract: Execute the extract to generate the report.

Using Smart View:

  1. Open Smart View: This tool is an Excel add-in that allows you to access and analyze real-time data from Oracle Fusion Applications.
  2. Connect to HCM: Establish a connection to the HCM data source.
  3. Query for Supervisor Data: Use the ad-hoc query functionality to retrieve supervisor information based on your specified criteria.

SQL Query:

If you have direct access to the database, you might write a SQL query similar to the following (note that actual table and column names may vary):

SELECT e.employee_number, e.full_name, m.employee_number AS supervisor_number, m.full_name AS supervisor_name FROM employees e JOIN employees m ON e.supervisor_id = m.employee_id WHERE e.organization_id = :organization_id;

Replace :organization_id with the actual organization ID for which you want to find supervisor information.

Always be mindful of security and privacy regulations when accessing and handling employee information. If you do not have the appropriate access or skills to perform these tasks, you should work with your IT department or Oracle Fusion HCM support team

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