Technical Error No 81 SAP HR


Technical Error No 81 SAP HR

Troubleshooting Technical Error No. 81 in SAP HR

SAP HR (Human Resources), like other components of the more extensive SAP system, occasionally throws up technical errors that can cause headaches for HR professionals. One such issue is “Technical Error No. 81”. This error can pop up in several HR processes, causing disruptions. Let’s delve into what triggers this error and how to resolve it.

Understanding the Root Causes

Technical Error No. 81 in SAP HR is often encountered in the following scenarios:

  • Time Evaluation (PT60): This error can indicate inconsistencies in the data maintained in Infotype 0041 (Date Specifications) during time calculations.
  • Quota Generation (RPTQTA00): This error can arise if an employee’s organizational change makes a quota type no longer valid due to customization rules.
  • Other HR Processes: In rarer cases, errors may occur in other HR modules due to configuration issues or data discrepancies.

Resolving the Error

Here’s a step-by-step approach to fix Technical Error No. 81:

  1. Pinpoint the Module: Identify where you encounter the error (time evaluation, quota generation, etc.). This will narrow down your troubleshooting focus.
  2. Check Infotype 0041: If errors occur in time evaluation, meticulously review the employee’s Infotype 0041 record. Ensure all data types are present and properly maintained.
  3. Review Customizing Settings: If you face an error during quota generation, scrutinize your quota customizing rules. Verify that the quotas you’re trying to generate are valid for the employee’s assigned organizational unit.
  4. Data Consistency: Meticulously examine any relevant master data records, including data on positions, organizational units, and time-related info types. Ensure there are all the correct entries.
  5. Investigate Other Causes: If the above steps don’t resolve the issue, consider the following:
    • Seek guidance in SAP forums and communities.
    • If you have access, consult SAP notes for known bugs or fixes.
    • Consider raising an SAP support ticket if the issue persists.

Tips for Prevention

While it’s not always possible to entirely prevent technical errors, here are some proactive measures:

  • Regular Data Audits: Implement periodic checks to validate the consistency of HR master data.
  • Careful Customizing: Pay extra attention when changing HR customizing settings, particularly those related to time management and quota generation.
  • Staying Updated: Keep your SAP system up-to-date with relevant patches and support packages, often addressing known issues.


Although frustrating, Technical Error No. 81 can usually be overcome by carefully examining data and customizing settings. Remember, a systematic approach, attention to detail, and leveraging SAP resources (forums, support notes) are critical in resolving this error and restoring smooth HR processes.

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