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              Terraform Databricks

The Databricks Terraform provider is a powerful tool that allows you to manage your Databricks workspaces and associated cloud infrastructure using HashiCorp Terraform’s Infrastructure as Code (IaC) capabilities.

Here’s a summary of what you can do with it:

  • Manage Databricks Workspaces: Provision new workspaces or manage existing ones, including settings, permissions, and network configurations.
  • Deploy and Manage Clusters: Define cluster configurations, including node types, sizes, libraries, and autoscaling policies.
  • Schedule and Orchestrate Jobs: Create and manage Databricks jobs, including notebooks, workflows, and triggers.
  • Configure Data Access: Set up data sources, permissions, and security policies for your Databricks environment.
  • Automate Infrastructure: Use Terraform’s declarative syntax to define and manage your entire Databricks infrastructure as code, enabling version control, collaboration, and reproducibility.

Getting Started

  1. Install Terraform: If you haven’t already, download and install Terraform from the official website.
  2. Install Databricks Provider: Add the Databricks provider to your Terraform configuration. You can find instructions and examples in the provider documentation:
  3. Configure Authentication: Set up your Databricks credentials (host, token, or Azure authentication) in your Terraform provider configuration.
  4. Define Your Infrastructure: Start writing your Terraform configuration files (.tf) to describe the Databricks resources you want to create and manage.

Example (Basic Cluster Configuration):

provider "databricks" {
  host  = "https://<your-databricks-workspace-url>"
  token = "<your-personal-access-token>"

resource "databricks_cluster" "my_cluster" {
  cluster_name            = "My Terraform Cluster"
  spark_version           = "7.3.x-scala2.12"
  node_type_id            = "Standard_DS3_v2"
  num_workers             = 2
  autotermination_minutes = 120 

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