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                   TRIM Databricks

In Databricks, you can use the trim function to remove leading and trailing spaces or other characters from a string. Databricks supports several variations of the trim function:


Removes leading and trailing spaces from the string str.

trim(BOTH trimStr FROM str)

Removes leading and trailing occurrences of the characters in trimStr from the string str.

ltrim(str) or trim(LEADING FROM str)

Removes leading spaces from the string str.

rtrim(str) or trim(TRAILING FROM str)

Removes trailing spaces from the string str.


SELECT trim(‘ Hello World! ‘); — Output: ‘Hello World!’
SELECT trim(BOTH ‘!’ FROM ‘!!!Hello World!!!’); — Output: ‘Hello World’
SELECT ltrim(‘ Hello World!’); — Output: ‘Hello World!’
SELECT rtrim(‘Hello World! ‘); — Output: ‘Hello World!’

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