UShell Shells ABAP


UShell Shells ABAP

Understanding UShell, Shells, and ABAP in SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is a robust user experience (UX) framework for SAP applications. It provides a modern, intuitive interface, and one of its core components is the SAP Fiori Launchpad (FLP). The FLP relies on the UI Shell service (UShell) to deliver content in a structured way and provide essential navigation and personalization features.

What is the UShell?

  • The UShell is a framework within SAP Fiori that is responsible for rendering the FLP and managing its components.
  • It provides core functionalities like:
    • Navigation: Handles navigation between different apps and spaces within the FLP.
    • Tiles and Catalogs: Renders tiles (the clickable icons in the FLP) and structures them into catalogs.
    • User Settings and Personalization: Allows users to customize their FLP experience.
    • Search: Powers the FLP’s search capabilities.

What are Shells?

  • Shells are standalone containers within the UShell that determine the overall look, feel, and navigation structure of the Fiori Launchpad.
  • Different shells offer varying layouts and functionalities.
  • The standard shell in SAP Fiori is called ‘ABAP.’

The ABAP Shell

  • The ABAP Shell is the default shell used in SAP Fiori deployments on ABAP systems.
  • It provides the classic Fiori Launchpad experience that many users are familiar with.
  • Key features of the ABAP Shell include:
    • Spaces: A way to organize tiles into logical groups.
    • Catalogs: Collections of tiles within spaces.
    • Homepage: Presents a user’s frequently used tiles and entry points.
    • User Actions Menu: Contains personalization features and logoff options.

Technical Aspects of the ABAP Shell

  • The ABAP Shell is implemented using SAPUI5, a JavaScript UI framework built on open standards.
  • When accessing the FLP, the browser loads the ABAP Shell via a specific URL, such as: /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/ui2/ushell/shells/abap/FioriLaunchpad.html

Customization and Development

  • The ABAP Shell can be customized to a certain degree to match branding or layout preferences.
  • Developing new apps to be integrated into the ABAP Shell relies on SAPUI5, OData services, and ABAP programming knowledge for backend connectivity.

Beyond the ABAP Shell

While the ABAP Shell is the standard, it’s worth noting that other shells exist within the UShell framework. These can create drastically different user interfaces tailored to specific needs. However, exploring those shells would require a more in-depth technical dive.

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