Variant BOM in SAP PP


Variant BOM in SAP PP

Taming Complexity with Variant BOM in SAP PP

In the world of Production Planning (PP), managing Bills of Materials (BOMs) for various similar products can be challenging. Imagine a bicycle manufacturer with mountain, road, and hybrid models. While they share many standard components (frames, wheels, handlebars), each has unique parts (tires, gears). Here’s where Variant BOMs in SAP PP come to the rescue!

What is a Variant BOM?

A Variant BOM is a single BOM that efficiently manages multiple product variations. It acts like an umbrella, grouping individual BOMs (variants) for related products. This approach offers several benefits:

  • Reduced Data Redundancy: Common components are defined only once, minimizing data duplication and simplifying maintenance.
  • Improved Efficiency: Creating and updating BOMs for variants becomes faster as changes to standard components are reflected across all variants.
  • Enhanced Clarity: The variant structure clearly shows how different products share and diverge in terms of components.

How to Use Variant BOMs in SAP PP

SAP PP provides functionalities to create and manage Variant BOMs. Here’s a simplified overview:

  1. Define the Base BOM: Create a BOM for the “generic” product, including all standard components.
  2. Create Variant BOM Group: Establish a group to link the base BOM and its variants.
  3. Develop Variant BOMs: For each product variation, create a variant BOM referencing the base BOM. Here, you can specify components unique to that variant (e.g., mountain bike tires) or adjust quantities of standard components (e.g., different gears).

Applications of Variant BOMs

Variant BOMs are a powerful tool for various scenarios in production:

  • Product Families: Manage variants within a product line (e.g., T-shirts in different sizes and colors).
  • Optional Features: Efficiently handle products with optional add-ons (e.g., a phone with or without a wireless charger).
  • Customer-Specific Variations: Cater to customized product configurations.


By leveraging Variant BOMs, SAP PP users can streamline BOM management for product families with a high degree of commonality. This reduces redundancy, improves efficiency, and provides better visibility into product variations, ultimately contributing to smoother production processes.

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