View Info Type Table In SAP HR


View Info Type Table In SAP HR

Understanding Infotypes and Their Tables in SAP HR

SAP HR (Human Resources) is a powerful module that manages employee-related data. This data is meticulously organized within structures called Infotypes. Infotypes essentially act as containers for specific categories of employee information, such as:

  • Personal Data (Infotype 0002)
  • Organizational Assignment (Infotype 0001)
  • Payroll Information (Infotype 0008)
  • Time Management Data (Infotype, 2002)

Each info type is directly linked to an underlying database table where the information is stored. Knowing how to locate and access these tables is essential for anyone working with SAP HR data, whether you are a developer, HR administrator, or consultant.

Methods to Find Infotype Tables

Here are the most common ways to discover the tables associated with specific info types:

1. Transaction SE11

  • Go to transaction code SE11 (ABAP Dictionary).
  • Enter the pattern “PA*” in the ‘Database table’ field, followed by a wildcard (*), and press enter. This will list tables related to Personnel Administration (PA) info types.
  • Similarly, enter “HRP*” to find Personnel Development (OM) info types tables.

2. Transaction SE81

  • Go to transaction code SE81 (Application Hierarchy).
  • Expand the tree view to locate the relevant HR modules you want to explore.
  • Go to ‘Information System’ -> ‘ABAP Dictionary’ -> ‘Basic Objects’ -> ‘Database tables’.
  • Increase the ‘Maximum No. of Hits’ to expand your search results and execute.

3. Transaction SE16 (Data Browser)

  • Launch transaction SE16.
  • Infotype tables usually start with the prefix “PA” followed by the infotype number (e.g., PA0001, PA0008). Enter the table name if you know it.

4. Table TRMAC

  • Use transaction SM30 to access table TRMAC.
  • This table holds Function Modules that are used to read info-type data. Searching this table can help identify the relevant table for an info type. Look for entries like ‘RP_read_‘ and ‘RP_provide_.’

Important Notes

  • Infotype table names typically begin with ‘PA’ for Personnel Administration or ‘HRP’ for Organizational Management.
  • Always exercise caution when working directly with SAP database tables. Before making modifications, consult SAP’s technical documentation.

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