Wage Type Configuration In SAP HR


Wage Type Configuration In SAP HR

Wage Type Configuration in SAP HR: A Step-by-Step Guide

Accurate and efficient payroll processing is essential for employee satisfaction and overall business operations in any organization. SAP HR, a powerful module within the SAP ERP system, provides a streamlined way to manage payroll, and one of its core components is wage-type configuration. Wage types are the fundamental building blocks of your payroll system, representing various earnings, deductions, and other payments made to your employees.

Understanding Wage Types

In SAP HR, wage types are represented by unique four-digit alphanumeric codes. They hold essential information about a specific kind of payment or deduction, including:

  • Calculation rules: How the value of the wage type is determined (e.g., hourly rate, flat amount, percentage-based calculation).
  • Taxability: Whether the wage type is subject to various taxes.
  • Contribution to social security: Whether the wage type impacts social security or other statutory contributions.
  • Posting to accounting: How the wage type affects financial accounting postings.

Critical Steps in Configuring Wage Types

Let’s break down the configuration process:

  1. Planning and Analysis:
    • Identify all the required wage types needed for your organization’s payroll structure. Consider regular earnings (salary, hourly wages, bonuses), deductions (taxes, benefits, advances), and other relevant payments.
    • Analyze existing SAP wage types (if you’re already using SAP HR) to determine if you can reuse or modify them.
  2. Creation of Wage Types:
    • Transaction Code: Use the transaction code OH11 to access the wage type maintenance screen.
    • Copying: You should copy an existing, similar wage type and modify it according to your requirements. This saves time and ensures consistency.
    • Technical Attributes: Assign attributes like:
      • Wage type text: A descriptive name for the wage type.
      • Processing classes: Rules for calculating values and taxability.
      • Cumulation classes: Determine how the wage type is grouped and aggregated in payroll results.
      • Evaluation classes: Control how the wage type is processed in specific payroll periods.
  3. Linking Wage Types to Payroll Accounting:
    • Create symbolic accounts to represent general ledger (G/L) accounts.
    • Map wage types to symbolic accounts to ensure correct posting to financial accounting.
  4. Integration with Time Management (if applicable):
    • Link wage types to time data (hours worked, leave types, etc.) for accurate payroll calculations based on attendance.
  5. Testing and Validation:
  • Execute test payroll runs with various scenarios to ensure accurate wage-type calculations, postings, and tax deductions.

Best Practices for Wage Type Configuration

  • Leverage Standard Wage Types: SAP delivers a vast library of standard wage types. Utilize these whenever possible to simplify configuration.
  • Maintain Documentation: Thoroughly document any custom wage types you create, including their purpose, calculation logic, and relevant configuration details.
  • Consider Country-Specific Requirements: Payroll calculations must adhere to local tax laws and regulations. Ensure your wage type configuration aligns with these requirements.
  • Regular Review: Periodically audit your wage type configuration to accommodate changes in business processes or legal requirements.


Mastering wage-type configuration in SAP HR is crucial for robust and compliant payroll management. By carefully planning, configuring, and maintaining your wage types, you’ll guarantee a streamlined, error-free payroll process that contributes to a positive employee experience within your organization.

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