What is Routing in SAP PP


What is Routing in SAP PP

Demystifying Routings in SAP PP: Your Production Blueprint

In the dynamic world of production planning, ensuring efficiency and clarity is paramount. SAP PP, the Production Planning module within SAP ERP, offers a robust solution, and a key element within this system is Routing. But what exactly is routing in SAP PP, and how does it impact your production process?

Routing Defined: The Backbone of Production

A routing serves as a blueprint for how a material is produced. It defines a sequential series of planned activities, also known as operations, that transform raw materials into finished products. Each operation specifies the work center (machine or department) responsible for the task and details like setup times, processing times, and required tools.

Key Features and Functionalities

  • Sequencing Operations: Routings dictate the precise order in which operations must be performed. This ensures a logical flow of production, preventing bottlenecks and delays.
  • Work Center Allocation: Routings assign each operation to a specific work center, ensuring the right resources are allocated.
  • Production Scheduling and Costing: Routings play a vital role in production scheduling by providing estimated lead times for each operation. They also contribute to production cost calculation by factoring in labor and machine times.
  • Alternative Routings: For added flexibility, SAP PP allows for the creation of multiple routings for a single material. This enables manufacturers to choose the most suitable option based on factors like production capacity, urgency, or cost.

Creating and Maintaining Routings

SAP PP provides functionalities for creating, changing, and displaying routings. Creating a routing typically involves specifying the following:

  • Material to be produced
  • Sequence of operations
  • Work center assigned to each operation
  • Standard times for setup and processing
  • Required tools and resources

The Benefits of Effective Routing Management

  • Enhanced Production Efficiency: Clear and well-defined routings streamline production processes, minimizing errors and optimizing resource utilization.
  • Improved Production Planning: Accurate lead time estimations based on routings enable better production planning and scheduling.
  • Cost Optimization: By identifying potential bottlenecks and inefficiencies, routings can help manufacturers optimize production costs.
  • Increased Transparency: Routings clearly show the production process, facilitating communication and collaboration across departments.


Routing in SAP PP is the cornerstone of efficient production planning. By understanding its functionalities and effectively managing routings, manufacturers can achieve greater control, optimize resource allocation, and ultimately ensure a smooth-running production process.

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