Work Schedule in Oracle Fusion HCM


Work Schedule in Oracle Fusion HCM

In Oracle Fusion HCM, a “Work Schedule” refers to a predefined set of rules and parameters that dictate an employee’s regular working hours, breaks, days off, and other related aspects. Work schedules are used to manage and track employees’ attendance, time-related information, and compliance with labor regulations. Here’s an overview of work schedules in Oracle Fusion HCM:

Key Components of Work Schedules:

  1. Shifts: Shifts define specific time periods during which an employee is expected to work. They include start and end times, as well as any break periods.
  2. Breaks: Breaks are scheduled intervals during which employees can take short breaks from work. Breaks are typically unpaid.
  3. Working Days: Working days define the days of the week an employee is expected to be present and working.
  4. Non-Working Days: Non-working days are days when an employee is not expected to work, such as weekends or public holidays.

Benefits and Use Cases:

  • Attendance Management: Work schedules help track employee attendance, working hours, overtime, and absences.
  • Shift Allocation: Organizations with varying shift patterns can use work schedules to assign employees to specific shifts.
  • Labor Compliance: Work schedules help ensure that employees’ working hours adhere to labor laws and regulations.

Configuring Work Schedules:

  • Oracle Fusion HCM provides tools to configure work schedules, including defining shifts, breaks, working days, and non-working days.
  • Organizations can create different work schedules to accommodate various employee groups, departments, or locations.

Integration with Other Modules:

Work schedules integrate with other Oracle Fusion HCM modules, such as Time and Labor Management, Payroll, and Absence Management. Accurate work schedule data ensures correct payroll calculations and attendance tracking.

Work Schedule Examples:


  1. Standard Work Week: A common Monday-to-Friday work schedule with fixed working hours and weekends off.
  2. Shift Work: Work schedules for industries with 24/7 operations, including rotating shifts for employees.
  3. Flextime: Customizable work schedules that allow employees to choose their start and end times within certain parameters.

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