Worker Number in Oracle Fusion HCM


Worker Number in Oracle Fusion HCM

In Oracle Fusion HCM, a “Worker Number” is a unique identifier assigned to each individual worker in the system. It serves as a reference that distinguishes one worker from another and is used to maintain accurate records and manage various HR-related processes. The worker number is a crucial element in tracking and identifying workers throughout their employment lifecycle. Here’s how the worker number is used in Oracle Fusion HCM:

Key Aspects of Worker Numbers:

  1. Uniqueness: Each worker is assigned a unique worker number that distinguishes them from other workers in the organization.
  2. Consistency: The worker number remains consistent for the duration of the worker’s employment, even if they change positions, roles, or locations within the organization.
  3. Identification: Worker numbers are used to identify workers in various HR-related transactions, reports, and processes.

Use Cases and Benefits:

  • Data Management: Worker numbers help maintain accurate and consistent worker data across different modules and processes.
  • Reporting: Worker numbers are used in generating reports and analytics related to workforce management.
  • Integration: Worker numbers are critical for integrating Oracle Fusion HCM with other systems and applications.

Automatic Generation:

In Oracle Fusion HCM, worker numbers are often generated automatically when a new worker record is created. These numbers are typically system-generated and follow a specific format.


If an organization hires a new employee named John Doe, Oracle Fusion HCM might assign him a worker number like “123456.”

Note: The specific format, rules, and generation methods for worker numbers might vary based on the Oracle Fusion HCM version and configuration of your organization’s system. It’s important to consult your organization’s Oracle Fusion HCM documentation or reach out to your Oracle support resources for accurate and up-to-date information about worker numbers in your specific implementation.



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