Yield in SAP PP


Yield in SAP PP

Understanding Yield in SAP Production Planning (PP)

Yield, in the context of SAP PP (Production Planning), refers to the efficiency of your production process. It measures the ratio of good-quality finished products obtained compared to the raw materials or components consumed.

Why is Yield Important in SAP PP?

  • Cost Control: Yield variances directly impact production costs. Knowing your yield helps identify areas for improvement, potentially leading to significant cost savings.
  • Inventory Management: Accurate yield data allows for better material requirement planning. This ensures you have enough raw materials to meet production targets without excess inventory.
  • Production Efficiency: Monitoring yield trends helps pinpoint inefficiencies in the production process. You can then take corrective actions to minimize scrap and improve overall output.

How is Yield Not Directly Represented in SAP PP?

While there’s no single “yield” field in SAP PP, you can calculate it using the following formula:

Yield (%) = (Actual Output Quantity / Planned Input Quantity) * 100

Here’s how you can find the required data in SAP PP:

  • Planned Input Quantity: This can be found in the bill of materials (BOM) associated with the production order.
  • Actual Output Quantity: This can be determined through functionalities like goods receipt (GR) for finished products.

SAP Tools to Analyze Yield

While SAP PP doesn’t have a dedicated yield report, you can leverage other functionalities to analyze yield:

  • Material Consumption Analysis (MCRA): This report provides insights into the consumption of raw materials for production orders.
  • Production Order Confirmation: This process allows the actual output quantity to be recorded during production.
  • Custom Reports: Using ABAP programming to analyze yield data from various sources, you can develop custom reports.


Understanding yield is crucial for optimizing production processes in SAP PP. By effectively monitoring and analyzing yield data, you can identify areas for improvement, minimize waste, and ultimately achieve better cost control and production efficiency.

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