412 Movement Type in SAP PP


412 Movement Type in SAP PP

Understanding the 412 Movement Type in SAP PP

In the world of SAP Production Planning (PP), managing inventory movement is crucial for efficient production processes. The system utilizes various movement types to categorize these movements, and understanding each type’s function is essential. Today, we’ll delve into the specific role of the 412 Movement Type.

What is the 412 Movement Type?

The 412 movement type signifies a transfer of materials from your unrestricted stock to one of three special stock types within SAP PP:

  • Project Stock (Special Stock Q): This movement is used when you need to allocate materials specifically for a production project.
  • Sales Order Stock (Special Stock E): This type is employed to manage materials reserved for fulfilling specific sales orders.
  • Consignment Stock (Special Stock K): This movement comes into play when you’re dealing with vendor-owned materials stored on your premises. By using 412, you essentially convert these materials into your own valuated stock, creating a vendor liability.

Key Points to Remember about the 412 Movement Type:

  • It’s crucial to specify the appropriate special stock indicator (Q, E, or K) when using the 412 movement type.
  • This movement has financial implications, particularly for consignment stock (K), as it creates a payable to the vendor.
  • The 412 movement type doesn’t directly reverse a 411 movement (transfer between unrestricted stocks). There might be some misconceptions around this, but a separate cancellation process exists in SAP PP for such scenarios.

In Conclusion:

The 412 movement type plays a vital role in managing the flow of materials within special stocks in SAP PP. By understanding its purpose and proper application, you can ensure accurate inventory allocation and efficient production processes. For further information on movement types and special stocks in SAP PP, consider consulting the official SAP documentation or seeking guidance from a certified SAP consultant.

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