Info Type 57 In SAP HR


Info Type 57 In SAP HR

Understanding Infotype 0057: Managing Membership Fees in SAP HR

In the SAP Human Resources (HR) world, Infotype 0057 plays a crucial role in streamlining the management of employee membership fees. This versatile info type empowers organizations to track deductions related to various memberships an employee might hold. Let’s dive into the details.

What is Infotype 0057?

Infotype 0057, aptly named “Membership Fees,” is a repository within the SAP HR system designed to store information about an employee’s deductions for memberships in organizations such as:

  • Unions
  • Works councils
  • Sports clubs
  • Professional associations
  • Other similar groups

Why is Infotype 0057 Important?

  1. Payroll Integration: Information stored within Infotype 0057 seamlessly integrates with the payroll process. This ensures accurate and timely deductions of membership fees directly from the employee’s salary.
  2. Reporting: This info type is a valuable data source for HR reporting. Organizations can generate reports on the types of memberships employees hold and their associated costs.

Critical Fields in Infotype 0057

  • Subtype: Used to differentiate between various types of memberships (e.g., union, sports club).
  • Membership Number: A unique identifier for the employee’s membership in a particular organization.
  • Wage Type: The specific payroll wage type linked to the membership deduction. This ensures correct processing in payroll.
  • Amount: The amount to be deducted from the membership fee.
  • Valid From/To Dates: The period for which the membership fee deduction applies.

How to Maintain Infotype 0057

Typically, HR personnel are responsible for maintaining Infotype 0057. Data can be entered manually through the following transaction code:

  • PA30 (Maintain HR Master Data)

Customizing Infotype 0057

SAP allows for the customization of Infotype 0057 to align with an organization’s requirements. This might include adding new subtypes, defining unique wage types, or making particular fields mandatory. Customization activities can be found in the SAP Implementation Guide (IMG):

Personnel Management -> Personnel & Organization -> Infotypes -> Infotypes for Employees -> International Infotypes -> Membership Fees (Infotype 0057)

Points to Note

  • Thorough configuration in Customizing is essential for Infotype 0057 to function effectively.
  • Understanding payroll integration is vital to ensure correct deductions occur during payroll processing.

In Conclusion

Infotype 0057 provides a structured and efficient way to handle employee membership fees within the SAP HR environment. By correctly leveraging this info type, organizations can simplify their payroll processes, improve data accuracy, and streamline HR reporting related to memberships.

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