Build RTF from Scratch in Fusion Financials


Build RTF from Scratch in Fusion Financials

Building an RTF (Rich Text Format) template from scratch in Oracle Fusion Financials for generating reports or documents requires using Oracle BI Publisher. Here’s a general guide on how to create an RTF template in Fusion Financials:

  1. Access Oracle BI Publisher:

    • Log in to your Oracle Fusion Applications environment and access the Oracle BI Publisher interface. BI Publisher is typically used for creating RTF templates.
  2. Create a New RTF Template:

    • In BI Publisher, create a new RTF template by selecting the option to create a new template or report layout.
  3. Design the RTF Template:

    • Use the RTF template editor to design your document. You can add tables, text, images, and other elements to create the desired layout.
  4. Insert Data Fields:

    • To merge data from your Fusion Financials reports into the RTF template, you’ll need to insert data fields. These fields are placeholders for the actual data that will populate the document.
  5. Use XPath Expressions:

    • In the RTF template, you can use XPath expressions to reference the data fields from your Fusion Financials data model. These expressions are used to dynamically pull data into the template.
  6. Apply Formatting:

    • Format the text, tables, and other elements in the RTF template as needed. You can apply styles, fonts, colors, and alignment settings to achieve the desired appearance.
  7. Preview the RTF Template:

    • Use the preview feature in BI Publisher to test how the RTF template will look when populated with actual data. This helps you identify any formatting issues or data alignment problems.
  8. Test with Sample Data:

    • Before deploying the RTF template in a production environment, test it with sample data to ensure that it generates the expected output.
  9. Save the RTF Template:

    • Once you are satisfied with the RTF template, save it in your BI Publisher repository for future use.
  10. Associate with Fusion Financials Report:

    • In Oracle Fusion Financials, when you create a report or document that should use the RTF template, you will typically associate the template with the report. This linkage ensures that the template is used when generating the report.
  11. Generate Reports:

    • Generate reports from Fusion Financials, and the data will be merged into the RTF template according to the design you created.
  12. Review and Adjust as Needed:

    • After generating reports, review them to ensure that the output matches your expectations. If adjustments are needed, go back to the RTF template and make necessary changes.


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