Autogenerate RTF Layout in Fusion Financials


Autogenerate RTF Layout in Fusion Financials

To auto-generate RTF (Rich Text Format) layouts in Fusion Financials, you typically need to use Oracle BI Publisher, which is integrated with Fusion Financials for creating custom reports and templates. Here’s a general overview of the process:

  1. Log in to your Fusion Financials instance.

  2. Navigate to the “Reports and Analytics” or a similar section, depending on your specific Fusion Financials setup.

  3. In the Oracle BI Publisher section, you can create a new RTF layout template for your report.

  4. Define the data source and layout structure for your report. This can include selecting the data fields you want to include, arranging them on the layout, and formatting them as needed.

  5. Use the BI Publisher RTF template editor to design your report layout. You can insert placeholders for data fields, add tables, headers, footers, and apply formatting styles.

  6. Once you’ve designed your RTF layout, save it in your BI Publisher repository.

  7. You can then associate this RTF template with your report or concurrent program in Fusion Financials.

  8. When you run the report or program, Fusion Financials will use the RTF template to generate the output in RTF format.

  9. Ensure that the email you send as bulk contains the generated RTF report as an attachment. It should not go to spam if the email content is legitimate and not flagged as suspicious by email filters.

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