Cloning of Integrations in OIC


Cloning of Integrations in OIC

Cloning integrations in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) allows you to create copies of existing integrations. This can be helpful when you want to reuse or modify an existing integration while preserving the original. Here are the steps to clone an integration in OIC:


  • Log in to Oracle Integration Cloud.
  • Make sure you have the necessary permissions to create integrations.


  1. Access Integration Designer:
    1. From the Oracle Integration Cloud dashboard, navigate to the “Integration” section and click on “Integration Designer” to access the designer interface.
  2. Select the Integration to Clone:
    1. In the Integration Designer, locate the integration you want to clone from the list of existing integrations.
  3. Clone the Integration:
    1. Right-click on the integration you want to clone. A context menu will appear.
    2. In the context menu, select the option to “Clone” or “Create a Copy” (the wording may vary depending on your OIC version).
  4. Specify Cloning Options:
    1. You may be prompted to specify options for the clone. This could include naming the clone, choosing a target folder, and other configuration settings.
  5. Edit the Cloned Integration:
    1. Once the clone is created, you can open it in the Integration Designer and make any necessary modifications. The cloned integration is now a separate entity from the original.
  6. Save and Deploy the Cloned Integration:
    1. After making changes to the cloned integration, save your changes.
    2. If you want to deploy the cloned integration to a specific environment (e.g., development, test, production), use the deployment options to do so.


  • The cloned integration is an independent copy, and changes made to it will not affect the original integration.
  • You can rename the cloned integration and make any necessary updates to its configurations, mappings, or connections to suit your requirements.
  • Cloning integrations is useful for reusing integration patterns or templates and for rapidly creating similar integrations with slight variations.
  • After cloning an integration, it’s important to thoroughly test the cloned version to ensure it functions as expected and meets your business requirements.

Cloning integrations in OIC simplifies the process of creating new integrations based on existing ones, saving time and effort while maintaining consistency in your integration design.

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