Integration Versioning in OIC


Integration Versioning in OIC

Versioning in Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC) allows you to manage and maintain different versions of your integrations. This is particularly useful when you need to make changes or updates to an existing integration while keeping the previous version operational. Here’s how versioning works in OIC:

Creating a New Version of an Integration:

  1. Access Integration Designer:
    1. Log in to Oracle Integration Cloud and access the Integration Designer.
  2. Select an Existing Integration:
    1. Choose the integration you want to create a new version of.
  3. Create a Copy (New Version):
    1. In the Integration Designer, locate the integration you want to version.
    2. Right-click on the integration and select the option to “Create a New Version” or similar, depending on your OIC version.
  4. Specify the Version Number:
    1. When creating a new version, you may be prompted to specify a version number or use a naming convention that indicates the new version.
  5. Edit the New Version:
    1. Once the new version is created, you can edit it to make changes, updates, or improvements to the integration flow. These changes will not affect the previous version.

Managing and Deploying Versions:

  1. Select the Version to Deploy:
    1. In the Integration Designer, you can switch between different versions of an integration to view and edit them separately.
  2. Deploy the Desired Version:
    1. When you are ready to deploy a specific version of the integration, select that version and use the deployment options to deploy it to your target environment (e.g., development, test, production).

Key Points to Note:

  • Each version of an integration is isolated, meaning that changes made to one version do not affect other versions.
  • You can also define and manage environment-specific configurations for each version to ensure that it works correctly in different environments.
  • After deploying a new version, it’s important to test it thoroughly to ensure that it functions as expected and doesn’t introduce any issues.
  • OIC provides version history and audit trail capabilities, allowing you to track changes made to each version of an integration.
  • When you create a new version of an integration, the original version remains operational until you decide to switch to the new version.
  • You can choose to activate and deactivate specific versions based on your requirements.

Versioning in OIC is a valuable feature for maintaining and evolving your integrations over time without disrupting existing operations. It enables you to manage changes and updates in a controlled and organized manner.

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