Companies that use Databricks


      Companies that use Databricks

Numerous companies across various industries utilize Databricks for their data and AI needs. Some notable examples include:

Financial Services:

  • Nasdaq: Leverages Databricks to reinvent financial services through data-driven insights and innovation.
  • TD Bank: Modernizes its data environment with Databricks for enhanced efficiency and decision-making.


  • Adobe: Uses Databricks to bring creativity to life, unifying data and AI at scale for improved performance.
  • Comcast: Employs Databricks to personalize customer experiences and optimize operations.

Other Industries:

  • Michelin: Drives towards peak efficiency with Databricks for data-driven optimizations.
  • Shell: Adopts Databricks for predictive maintenance and asset optimization in the energy sector.

This is just a tiny sample of the companies that have adopted Databricks.

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