Azure Databricks Interview Questions for 5 Years experience


Azure Databricks Interview Questions for 5 Years experience

Here are some Azure Databricks interview questions tailored for someone with five years of experience, focusing on both conceptual understanding and practical application:

Conceptual Questions

  • Architecture:
    • Describe the high-level architecture of Azure Databricks. How does it integrate with other Azure services?
    • Explain the difference between interactive clusters and job clusters. When would you use each?
    • What are the various components of the Databricks workspace, and how do they interact?
  • Data Processing:
    • How does Databricks leverage Apache Spark for distributed data processing? What are the advantages?
    • Explain the concept of Delta Lake and its benefits for data reliability and performance.
    • What are the different ways to ingest data into Databricks? (e.g., Autoloader, notebooks, etc.)
  • Security & Optimization:
    • Describe the security features in Azure Databricks. How do you manage access controls and secrets?
    • What are some performance optimization techniques you’ve used in Databricks? (e.g., caching, partitioning, etc.)
    • How can you monitor and troubleshoot Spark jobs running on Databricks?

Scenario-Based Questions

  • Data Pipeline: You must build a data pipeline to ingest data from Azure Blob Storage, transform it using PySpark, and load the results into Azure Synapse Analytics. Describe your approach and the tools you would use.
  • Real-Time Streaming: How would you design a real-time streaming solution using Databricks? What tools would you leverage for ingestion, processing, and storage?
  • Machine Learning: You have a large dataset and want to train a machine learning model using Databricks. Walk through the steps involved, from data preparation to model deployment.
  • Performance Issue: A Spark job is running very slowly. What are the steps you would take to diagnose and resolve the issue?

Additional Tips

  • Showcase your experience: Be prepared to discuss real-world projects where you’ve used Databricks. Highlight the challenges you faced and how you overcame them.
  • Stay updated: Azure Databricks is constantly evolving. Be familiar with the latest features and updates.
  • Demonstrate depth: Don’t just answer questions at a surface level. Be able to dive deeper and explain the underlying concepts.
  • Ask questions: Show your curiosity and interest by asking insightful questions about the company’s use of Databricks or upcoming projects.

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