Convert String to Date In Oracle Integration Cloud


Convert String to Date In Oracle Integration Cloud

In Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), you can convert a string to a date using the built-in functions and expressions available in the mapper component of an integration flow. Here are the steps to convert a string to a date in OIC:


  1. Open Your Integration Flow:
    1. Log in to your Oracle Integration Cloud account.
    2. Navigate to the Integration section and open the specific integration flow where you need to perform the string to date conversion.
  2. Configure Data Mapping:
    1. In your integration flow, locate the mapping component where you need to convert a string to a date.
  3. Use the TO_DATE Function:
    1. Inside the data mapping, you can use the TO_DATE function to convert a string to a date. The TO_DATE function takes two arguments: the string to be converted and the format of the string. TO_DATE(string_value, ‘format’) 
    2. Replace string_value with the string you want to convert, and ‘format’ with the format of the string. For example, if your string is in the format ‘YYYY-MM-DD’, you would use: TO_DATE(‘2023-11-08’, ‘YYYY-MM-DD’) 
  4. Test and Deploy:
    1. After adding the TO_DATE function in your data mapping, you should test your integration to ensure that the string-to-date conversion works as expected.
    2. Once you are satisfied with the results, save and deploy your integration.
  5. Monitoring:
    1. Monitor your integration to ensure that the string-to-date conversion continues to work correctly, especially when dealing with incoming data.
  6. Error Handling:
    1. Implement error handling in your integration to address any issues that may arise during the conversion process, such as invalid date formats.
  7. Customize the Date Format:
    1. Ensure that the date format specified in the TO_DATE function matches the format of the string you are converting. You can use various format elements to match the actual format of your string.

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