Databricks 64K Limit


             Databricks 64K Limit

The 64K limit in Databricks is a crucial aspect to understand as it refers to a few different limitations within the platform:

  1. Databricks SQL Query Results Display Limit: The Databricks SQL user interface (UI) currently limits the number of rows displayed in query results to 64,000. If your query returns more than 64,000 rows, you will only see the first 64,000 in the UI.
  2. Databricks SQL Export Limit: Databricks SQL has a limit of 64,000 records when exporting query results.

Workarounds and Solutions:

  • Aggregation/Reduction: This effective method allows you to analyze all your data and consider performing aggregation or reduction operations within your query to reduce the number of rows returned.Sampling: If you don’t need to see every row, you can use sampling techniques to get a representative subset of your data.
  • Export to File: If you need to work with the entire result set, export it to a file (CSV, Parquet, etc.) and then analyze it using other tools.
  • Databricks Connect: Use Databricks Connect to connect to your Databricks cluster from your local machine and work with the entire result set using libraries like pandas or Spark.

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