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                Databricks Salary

Databricks salaries vary considerably depending on the specific role, location, experience level, and other factors. However, some general information can be gleaned from several sources:

Average Salary Estimates:

  • India:
    • Databricks: ₹23.9 lakhs per year (source: 6figr)
    • Azure Databricks: ₹22.4 lakhs per year (source: 6figr)
  • United States:
    • Software Engineer: $225K – $964K+ per year (source: Levels. fyi)
    • Average across all roles: $131,249 per year (source:

Additional Insights:

  • Comparably, it provides salary information by department and job title, indicating a wide range depending on the specific position. For example, a Director of Engineering can earn $240,675 yearly, while a CS Rep might earn $54,459 yearly.
  • 6figr: Offers salary details for both Databricks and Azure Databricks roles in India, suggesting that Azure Databricks roles might be slightly lower on average.

Important Considerations:

  • The salary estimates are just averages, and individual salaries can vary significantly.
  • Experience, skills, negotiation abilities, and location are crucial in determining the actual salary offered.
  • Research salaries for specific roles and locations to get a more accurate picture of potential earnings at Databricks.

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