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Databricks Share, also known as Delta Sharing, is an open protocol developed by Databricks for secure data sharing across organizations, regardless of their computing platforms. It’s designed to simplify and enhance how businesses exchange data, enabling collaboration and unlocking new insights.

Key features and benefits of Databricks Share include:

  • Open Protocol: Delta Sharing is an open-source protocol allowing seamless integration with various systems and platforms.
  • Secure Sharing: It prioritizes security, providing robust mechanisms for protecting data during transmission and access.
  • Live Data Sharing: Users can share live data, ensuring recipients can access the most up-to-date information.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Databricks Share supports sharing across different computing platforms, clouds, and regions.
  • Simplified Governance: It offers tools and features to effectively manage data sharing permissions and control access.

How Databricks Share works:

Databricks Share leverages the Delta Lake format, an open-source storage layer that provides reliability and performance for big data workloads. When you share data using Delta Sharing, you essentially grant recipients read-only access to specific tables or datasets within your Delta Lake.

There are different ways to use Databricks Share:

  • Databricks-to-Databricks: This method allows you to share data and AI assets from your Unity Catalog-enabled workspace with other users who also have access to a Unity Catalog-enabled Databricks workspace.
  • Databricks Open Sharing Protocol: This protocol lets you share tabular data managed in your Unity Catalog-enabled Databricks workspace with users on any computing platform.

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