Databricks Zones


                Databricks Zones

In the context of Databricks, “zones” refer to availability zones within a cloud provider’s region.

Availability Zones

Availability zones are physically separate locations within a region that are designed to be isolated from failures in other zones. This isolation helps to ensure that if one zone experiences an outage, your Databricks resources in other zones can continue to operate.

Databricks and Availability Zones

When you deploy a Databricks workspace, you can choose the region and availability zones where your resources will be located. By distributing your resources across multiple zones, you can improve the fault tolerance and availability of your workspace. This is particularly important for production workloads that require high uptime.

Finding Available Zones

The specific availability zones that are available for your Databricks workspace will depend on the cloud provider (AWS, Azure, or GCP) and region you have chosen.

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