Difference between Oracle r12 and Fusion Financials


Difference between Oracle R12 and Fusion Financials

Oracle R12 and Oracle Fusion Financials are two different versions of Oracle’s financial management applications. Here are the key differences between Oracle R12 and Fusion Financials:

  1. Architecture:

    • Oracle R12: Oracle R12 is based on a traditional on-premises architecture where the software is installed and maintained on the organization’s own servers.
    • Oracle Fusion Financials: Fusion Financials is built on a modern cloud-based architecture, where the software is hosted on Oracle’s servers and accessed via the internet. It offers the benefits of scalability, flexibility, and automatic updates.
  2. User Interface:

    • Oracle R12: Oracle R12 has a more traditional user interface and user experience. It may require more training for users who are not familiar with Oracle applications.
    • Oracle Fusion Financials: Fusion Financials provides a modern and intuitive user interface with a consistent user experience across different modules. It offers features such as dashboards, worklists, and a responsive design for mobile devices.
  3. Integration and Extensibility:

    • Oracle R12: Integration with other systems and applications may require custom development or third-party tools. Customizations and extensions are typically done through Oracle Forms and Reports.
    • Oracle Fusion Financials: Fusion Financials is designed with a strong emphasis on integration and extensibility. It offers pre-built integrations with other Oracle Cloud applications and provides tools like Oracle Integration Cloud to connect with external systems. Customizations and extensions are done using Oracle’s cloud-based development tools like Oracle Application Composer and Oracle Visual Builder.
  4. Functional Modules and Features:

    • Oracle R12: Oracle R12 offers a comprehensive suite of financial management modules, including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, fixed assets, and more. It provides a wide range of features and functionalities for financial operations.
    • Oracle Fusion Financials: Fusion Financials also offers a similar set of financial management modules with enhanced features and capabilities. It provides advanced analytics, real-time reporting, role-based dashboards, and embedded business intelligence tools. Fusion Financials also incorporates modern technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence for automation and intelligent insights.
  5. Deployment Options:

    • Oracle R12: Oracle R12 can be deployed on-premises, meaning the software and data reside within the organization’s own infrastructure. This gives organizations more control over their systems but also requires more IT resources for maintenance and upgrades.
    • Oracle Fusion Financials: Fusion Financials is a cloud-based solution, meaning the software and data are hosted and managed by Oracle. It offers the advantages of reduced infrastructure costs, simplified maintenance, and automatic updates. However, it requires an internet connection for access.

It’s important to note that Oracle Fusion Financials is the successor to Oracle E-Business Suite R12, and Oracle has been investing in the development and expansion of Fusion Financials as its flagship financial management solution. Organizations transitioning from Oracle R12 to Fusion Financials should carefully plan and consider the differences in architecture, user experience, and deployment models.

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