Oracle Fusion Financials SOAP API


Oracle Fusion Financials SOAP API

Oracle Fusion Financials provides SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) APIs that allow integration and interaction with various financial modules and functionalities. These SOAP APIs enable developers to perform operations such as creating and updating financial transactions, retrieving financial data, managing business objects, and more.

Here are some key points to know about Oracle Fusion Financials SOAP APIs:

  1. Web Services Description Language (WSDL): Oracle Fusion Financials SOAP APIs are described using WSDL, which defines the available operations, input and output parameters, and the structure of the SOAP messages.

  2. Security: Access to the SOAP APIs is secured using Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM), which provides authentication and authorization mechanisms. You may need to configure security policies and obtain appropriate credentials or tokens to access the APIs.

  3. Supported Operations: The SOAP APIs in Oracle Fusion Financials cover a wide range of financial modules and functions, including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, and more. You can perform operations like creating journals, invoices, payments, retrieving balances, querying transactions, and managing setups.

  4. Request and Response Format: SOAP API requests and responses are structured using XML. You construct SOAP envelopes with specific request elements, such as the action, payload, and any required parameters. The API response will also be in XML format, containing the requested data or confirmation of the operation.

  5. Integration Tools: Oracle provides tools like Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle SOA Suite for developing and managing integrations with Fusion Financials using SOAP APIs. These tools offer features like code generation, debugging, and monitoring to facilitate the integration process.

  6. Documentation and Resources: Oracle provides comprehensive documentation, including developer guides and API references, which describe the available SOAP APIs, their operations, parameters, and usage. The Oracle Fusion Middleware documentation is a valuable resource for understanding and working with SOAP APIs in Oracle Fusion Financials.


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