Employee/Applicant Is Not Locked yet In SAP HR


Employee/Applicant Is Not Locked yet In SAP HR

Understanding the “Employee/Applicant is not locked yet” Error in SAP HR

If you’ve worked with SAP HR modules, you may have encountered the error message “Employee/applicant is not locked yet.” This frustrating error can interrupt your workflow when making updates to HR data. Let’s delve into why this error occurs and how to resolve it.

Why Does This Error Happen?

SAP HR implements a locking mechanism to ensure data integrity and prevent conflicts when multiple users try to modify the same employee or applicant record simultaneously. Before changing a record, you need to “lock” it. This signals the system that you have exclusive editing rights, safeguarding against inconsistencies.

The error “Employee/applicant is not locked yet” indicates that someone else is currently editing the record or that a previous process failed to release the lock properly.

Troubleshooting and Solutions

  1. Identify the User or Process: Check if any other user is actively working on the same record in SAP. You may need to wait for them to finish or coordinate directly. Additionally, look for open transactions or unfinished background processes holding the lock.
  2. Manual Release: If a lock has been incorrectly held, an SAP administrator can manually release it. This should be done cautiously and only if you’re confident no other processes are legitimately using the record.
  3. Enqueuing and Dequeuing: When modifying HR data programmatically, always follow these best practices:
    • Enqueue: Utilize the function modules ENQUEUE_EPPRELE (for employees) or ENQUEUE_EAPPREL (for applicants) to obtain the lock before your modifications.
    • Dequeue: Use the function modules DEQUEUE_EPPRELE or DEQUEUE_EAPPREL to release the lock immediately after completing your changes.
  4. Delays and Retries (Programmatic): If the error arises due to a brief timing conflict, you can introduce short delays or a retry mechanism into your code before attempting to lock the record again.

Example Code Snippet (ABAP)




    obj = <PERNR> “Employee’s Personnel Number


   foreign_lock = 1

   system_failure = 2.


IF sy-subrc <> 0.

  “Handle locking error 



” Perform your data modifications here.



 Use code 


Prevention is Key

To minimize occurrences of this error:

  • Encourage Communication: If working in a team, coordinate who will edit certain employee records to avoid conflicts.
  • Robust Programming: Always adhere to your HR-related custom code’s enqueue/dequeue pattern.
  • Timeouts: Consider setting reasonable timeouts for lock processes to avoid extended disruptions.

Remember: Data consistency is paramount in SAP HR. Understanding this locking mechanism will help you troubleshoot issues efficiently and work seamlessly within the SAP environment.

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