Explode in Databricks


             Explode in Databricks

Here’s a breakdown of the explode function in Databricks, including its purpose, syntax, examples, and important considerations:


The explode function in Databricks transforms array or map-type columns into multiple rows.

  • Arrays:  If you have an array column, explode takes each array element and creates a new row with that element.
  • Maps: If you have a map column, explode creates a new row for each key-value pair in the map, with separate columns for the key and the value.


The basic syntax is:


SELECT explode(column_name) AS alias_name

FROM table_name

  • column_name: The name of the array or map column you want to explore.
  • alias_name: An optional alias for the new column created from the exploded array elements or map keys.


1. Exploding an Array

Suppose you have a table of customers with a column of interests containing arrays of strings:



| id | interests |


| 1 | [“music”, “sports”]|

| 2 | [“reading,” “travel”]|


You can use Explode to create a new row for each interest:


SELECT id, explode(interests) AS interest

FROM customers




| id | interest |


| 1 | music |

| 1 | sports |

| 2 | reading |

| 2 | travel |


2. Exploding a Map

Let’s say you have a column preferences containing maps:



| id | preferences |


| 1 | {“color”: “blue,” “city”: “NY”} |

| 2 | {“food”: “pizza“, “season”: “fall”}|


You can explode the map into key-value pairs:


SELECT id, explode(preferences) AS (preference_key, preference_value) 

FROM preferences




| id | preference_key| preference_value |


| 1 | color | blue |

| 1 | city | NY |

| 2 | food | pizza |

| 2 | season | fall |


Important Considerations

  • Databricks SQL and Older Databricks Runtime:  In these environments, you can only use explode in the SELECT list (either as the root of an expression or following a LATERAL VIEW).
  • Databricks SQL and Databricks Runtime 12.2 LTS and above:  Using explode directly in the SELECT list or LATERAL VIEW clause is deprecated. You should instead invoke explode as a table reference:



FROM table_name

LATERAL VIEW explode(array_column) table_alias AS column_alias 

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