FBDI Data Correction using SDL

FBDI Data Correction Using SDL

FBDI Data Correction using SDL

  1. Identify Data Errors: Before using SDL, identify the specific data errors or corrections that need to be made in your previously imported data. This could include incorrect values, missing information, or data that needs to be updated.

  2. Download Original FBDI Template: Start by downloading the original FBDI template that you used for the initial data import. This template typically includes the columns and structure required for data import.

  3. Make Corrections in the Spreadsheet: Open the FBDI template using a spreadsheet application (e.g., Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets). Locate the rows or cells that contain the data requiring correction and make the necessary changes directly in the spreadsheet.

  4. Validate Corrections: Use the SDL functionality to validate your corrected data against the predefined data validation rules. SDL can help identify any new errors or issues introduced during the correction process.

  5. Generate Data Files: After successfully validating your corrections, use SDL to generate the data files required for import. SDL ensures that the corrected data is formatted correctly for import into Oracle Fusion Financials.

  6. Upload and Import: Use the FBDI process to upload the corrected data files and initiate the data import into Oracle Fusion Financials. Follow the same import process you used initially but with the corrected data files.

  7. Review Import Results: After the import is completed, review the import results and any error logs. Ensure that the corrections have been applied as expected and that there are no new issues.

  8. Reconcile Data: If necessary, perform data reconciliation to verify that the corrections have been accurately reflected in the financial records and that the data is now accurate.

  9. Document Changes: Keep a record of the data corrections made, including details of what was changed and why. This documentation can be valuable for audit and compliance purposes.

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