Create BI Report Data Model in Fusion Financials


Create BI Report Data Model in Fusion Financials

Creating a BI (Business Intelligence) Report Data Model in Fusion Financials involves defining the data structure and relationships that will be used for reporting. Here are the general steps to create a BI Report Data Model:

  1. Log In to Oracle BI Publisher:

    • Access your Fusion Financials instance.
    • Navigate to the Oracle BI Publisher section or a similar area where you can create data models.
  2. Create a Data Model:

    • In the BI Publisher interface, locate the option to create a new data model.
    • Give your data model a descriptive name that reflects its purpose.
  3. Select Data Source:

    • Choose the data source for your data model. This could be a database table, view, web service, or other data source accessible to your Fusion Financials instance.
  4. Define Data Set:

    • Specify the SQL query or web service parameters to retrieve the data for your report.
    • You can use the Query Builder or write custom SQL statements to fetch the required data.
    • Ensure that your query includes all the fields you need for your report.
  5. Create Data Model Elements:

    • Define the data model elements, which represent the fields from your data source.
    • Map these elements to the corresponding columns in your SQL query or data source.
  6. Define Relationships (Optional):

    • If your report requires data from multiple data sources or tables, you may need to define relationships between them.
    • Establish joins or links between data model elements to create the necessary relationships.
  7. Save and Validate:

    • Save your data model and validate it to ensure there are no errors or issues with your SQL query, data source, or relationships.
  8. Preview Data:

    • Use the data model preview feature to verify that your data model is retrieving the expected data.
  9. Use the Data Model in Reports:

    • Once your data model is created and validated, you can use it as the data source for creating reports in Oracle BI Publisher.
    • Design your reports, select the appropriate data model elements, and define the report layout using BI Publisher’s report designer.
  10. Generate and Distribute Reports:

    • Run the reports based on your data model to generate the desired output.
    • You can distribute the reports through various channels, including email, printing, or saving to a repository.
  11. Testing and Optimization:

    • Test your reports thoroughly to ensure they meet your requirements.
    • Optimize your data model and SQL queries for performance if needed.

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