Gen Noab SAP HR


Gen Noab SAP HR

Understanding GEN NOAB in SAP HR Payroll


Within the intricate world of SAP Human Resources (HR) payroll calculations, GEN and NOAB are parameters found in Personnel Calculation Rules (PCRs). These parameters define how the SAP payroll system processes different wage types within your organization’s payroll setup. Let’s delve into what they mean and how they’re used.

What Does GEN Stand For?

The parameter ‘GEN’ stands for “Generic .”When you use GEN in a PCR, you’re instructing the SAP payroll system to process a rule for all wage types. The rule will be applied regardless of the specific wage type’s characteristics.

What Does NOAB Stand For?

NOAB stands for “Without Absence/Attendance Type”. This parameter indicates that the PCR should be executed, disregarding any association with an employee’s specific absence or attendance type. The focus is on the wage type rather than time-related data.

Critical Applications of GEN NOAB

The combination of GEN and NOAB is frequently used within SAP HR payroll for various calculations and adjustments, including:

  • Global Calculations: Processes that must apply to all employees and wage types. For example, a general tax calculation or a standard company-wide bonus.
  • Retroactive Pay Adjustments: These are situations where salary changes need to take effect from past payroll dates. GEN and NOAB ensure the calculation impacts relevant past periods.
  • Off-Cycle Payrolls: Calculations that need to be executed independently of the standard payroll cycle ensure the correct amounts are calculated outside the regular payroll schedule.

Example: Creating a PCR using GEN NOAB

Let’s imagine a scenario where you need to create a PCR that adds a flat-rate location allowance of $100 to the salaries of all employees. Here’s how the PCR might look:

* **** 

ZR01 ADDWT *   

* Add $100 as location allowance to all wage types


In this example:

  • ZR01: Example name for the custom PCR.
  • ADDWT *: SAP operation that allows you to add an amount to an existing wage type.
  • GEN NOAB: Ensures the $100 is added to all wage types in the payroll, regardless of an employee’s attendance or absence data.

Important Considerations

  • It’s essential to use GEN NOAB with caution. Make sure the calculation must be independent of time-related factors, as incorrect use can lead to inaccurate payroll results.
  • Thoroughly test custom PCRs containing GEN NOAB in a test environment before implementing them into a production system.


Understanding the GEN NOAB parameters gives you greater control and flexibility when configuring payroll calculations in your SAP HR system. With careful application, they allow you to streamline calculations that impact all employees or wage types while maintaining the accuracy of your payroll results.

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