Number Format in Dell Boomi


Number Format in Dell Boomi

Mastering Number Formatting in Dell Boomi: A Key to Data Transformation Success

Dell Boomi is a powerful integration platform that seamlessly connects applications and streames data across your business ecosystem. One essential aspect of data handling within Boomi is number formatting, which ensures that numerical data is represented correctly for accurate calculations, reports, and seamless integration with other systems.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into:

  • Understanding Number Data Types in Boomi
  • Controlling Number Formats
  • Everyday Use Cases and Troubleshooting

Boomi’s Number Data Type

The foundation of number formatting in Boomi lies in its Number data type. This data type is designed to represent numerical values for use in mathematical operations, comparisons, and data conversions. Here are some key points to remember:

  • Decimals: Boomi’s Number data type supports integers (whole numbers) and decimal numbers.
  • Scientific Notation: You can represent extremely large or small numbers using scientific notation (e.g., 1.23E+5).

Formatting Your Numbers

Boomi provides flexible controls for customizing how your numbers are displayed, stored, and processed. Here’s how:

  1. Formatting Patterns:
    • Use format patterns to dictate the appearance of numbers.
    • Examples:
      • ###,###.### for thousands separators and decimals
      • $###,###.## for currency formatting
      • 0000.00 for leading zeroes and fixed decimal places
  2. Implied Decimals:
    • In legacy systems, numbers may not explicitly include decimal points.
    • Boomi’s “Implied Decimals” setting lets you indicate the assumed decimal position within a number.

Common Use Cases

Number formatting is essential in countless Boomi processes:

  • Financial Calculations: Ensure accurate calculations of invoices, taxes, and other economic data using the right decimal places and currency symbols.
  • Data Alignment: Match number formats across different systems for error-free integration (e.g., ensuring consistency between your CRM and accounting systems).
  • Report Generation: Create visually appealing reports with properly formatted numbers for readability.

Troubleshooting Number Formatting Issues

Here are some common issues and their solutions:

  • Incorrect Decimal Places: Double-check your format patterns and implied decimals settings.
  • Unexpected Currency Symbols: Verify the currency symbol used in your format pattern.
  • Locale-Based Issues: Some locales use different separators (e.g., period vs. comma for decimals). Adjust your configurations accordingly,

Advanced Tips

  • Dynamic Formatting: Consider using Boomi’s scripting capabilities or functions for conditional and complex number formatting.
  • Data Validation: Before operations, validate number formats to prevent unexpected calculation errors.


Mastering number formatting in Dell Boomi is crucial for ensuring the integrity and usability of your numerical data. Understanding the Number data type, using formatting tools effectively, and addressing common challenges guarantee that your Boomi processes deliver accurate and reliable results.

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