Goods Receipt in SAP PP


Goods Receipt in SAP PP

Mastering Goods Receipts in SAP PP: Streamlining Your Production Flow

In SAP Production Planning (PP), ensuring accurate and timely recording of finished goods is crucial. Goods Receipts play a vital role in managing inventory and production processes.

What are Goods Receipts in SAP PP?

A Goods Receipt signifies the completion of a production order and the placement of finished goods in a designated storage location. It documents the transfer of these goods from production to inventory.

The Goods Receipt Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Transaction Selection: Begin by navigating to transaction MIGO in SAP. This is the central hub for managing goods movements in the system.
  2. Movement Type: Select the appropriate movement type. The standard movement type for goods receipts from production is 101.
  3. Production Order Reference: Specify the production order number associated with the finished goods. This links directly from the receipt of the goods to the production process.
  4. Quantity and Batch (if applicable): Enter the amount of finished goods produced and, if necessary, the batch number for tracking purposes.
  5. Quality Inspection (optional): If the goods require quality checks before finalizing the receipt, you can mark them for inspection.
  6. Posting: Once all details are confirmed, post the goods receipt document. This updates your inventory levels and reflects the completion of the production order.

Benefits of Efficient Goods Receipts

  • Enhanced Inventory Accuracy: Precise recording of finished goods ensures a clear picture of your inventory levels, minimizing discrepancies.
  • Improved Production Visibility: Goods receipts provide valuable production planning and monitoring data, allowing you to identify bottlenecks and optimize processes.
  • Streamlined Cost Control: Accurate inventory data facilitates better cost control by enabling more effective production cost tracking.

Additional Considerations

  • Warehouse Management Integration: For Warehouse Management (WM) integrated systems, goods receipts might trigger additional putaway steps for placing finished goods in specific storage bins.
  • Quality Management: Integration with Quality Management (QM) allows for seamless quality checks before finalizing the receipt.


By mastering Goods Receipts in SAP PP, you can ensure a smooth production flow, maintain accurate inventory records, and optimize your production processes. You gain valuable insights and control over your production environment through efficient goods receipt practices.

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