How to Create Variant BOM in SAP PP


How to Create Variant BOM in SAP PP

Streamlining Production with Variant BOMs in SAP PP

Companies need to be agile and adaptable in today’s dynamic manufacturing landscape. This often means producing a variety of similar products with slight variations. SAP PP’s Variant BOM functionality allows you to manage these product variants efficiently, ensuring smooth production processes.

What is a Variant BOM?

A Variant BOM is a bill of materials (BOM) specific to a particular product variant. It details the components and their quantities required to produce that specific Variant. This is particularly useful when you have a base product with multiple variations that share many standard components but differ in a few key elements.

Benefits of Variant BOMs

  • Reduced Data Redundancy: By leveraging a standard BOM for shared components, you eliminate the need to recreate the entire BOM for each Variant.
  • Improved Efficiency: Variant BOMs streamline production planning by clearly showing the components needed for each Variant.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: Reduced data entry minimizes the risk of errors associated with creating multiple BOMs from scratch.

Creating a Variant BOM in SAP PP

Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a Variant BOM in SAP PP:

  1. Access the BOM Creation Menu:  Use transaction code CS01 to access the initial screen for BOM creation.
  2. Enter Material and Plant:  Specify the material number for creating a variant BOM and the relevant plant.
  3. Select Variant BOM:  Instead of creating a new BOM, press F9 to display existing BOMs for the material. Choose the BOM you want to use as the base for your Variant.
  4. Maintain Variant BOM Data:  The system will copy the data from the selected BOM. You can now modify the components or quantities specific to your chosen Variant.
  5. Save the Variant BOM:  Once you’ve made the necessary adjustments, save it with a unique identifier to distinguish it from the base BOM.

Additional Tips

  • Variant BOMs can only be created from a simple BOM, not a multi-level BOM.
  • The base unit for the Variant BOM must match the base unit of measure in the material master record.


Variant BOMs are a powerful tool in SAP PP that helps manufacturers manage product variations effectively. You can optimize production processes, minimize errors, and enhance production efficiency by leveraging this functionality.

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