Info Type 709 In SAP HR


Info Type 709 In SAP HR

Understanding SAP HR Infotype 709: Managing Concurrent Employment

In the SAP Human Resources (HR) module, Infotypes are fundamental for storing employee data. Each Infotype is assigned a number and serves a specific purpose. One important Infotype is 709, the “Person ID” Infotype – essential for “Concurrent Employment.”

What is Concurrent Employment?

Concurrent Employment is when a single individual holds multiple employment positions within the same company or across affiliated enterprises. Consider these examples:

  • Internal Job Transfer: An employee transitions to a different department within the same company.
  • Multiple Part-Time Positions: An individual works part-time in two or more distinct roles.
  • Global Assignments: An employee holds positions across different countries within a corporation.

How Infotype 709 Manages Concurrent Employment

Infotype 709 is the backbone of SAP’s solution to track concurrently employed persons. Here’s its role:

  1. Central Person (CP): The system automatically creates a Central Person (CP) to link an individual’s personnel assignments. This CP is a unique internal identifier.
  2. External Person ID (PERSONID_EXT): A unique, time-independent external identifier is generated to represent the employee across all their assignments. Think of it like a universal employee ID.
  3. Linking Assignments: Each personnel assignment is related to the CP through Infotype 709. This allows you to view and manage all an employee’s assignments as part of a single profile.

Critical Uses of Infotype 709

Infotype 709 facilitates the following HR processes in a concurrent employment scenario:

  • Payroll: Ensures employees receive accurate payments across all their assignments.
  • Benefits Management: Allows proper calculation and distribution of benefits, even when spanning multiple positions or countries.
  • Reporting: Enables consolidated reporting and analysis for insights across an individual’s work relationships.

FAQs about Infotype 709

  • Is Infotype 709 automatically created? Yes, when Concurrent Employment is configured in your SAP system, the system automatically creates Infotype 709 and its associated elements.
  • How do I find an employee’s ID? Infotype 709 (Person ID) can be viewed using transaction code PA20 or PA30.
  • Can I edit the Person ID? Generally, it’s not recommended, as changing it could cause problems in integrated HR processes.

In Conclusion

Infotype 709 is the cornerstone of SAP HR’s ability to handle complex employment relationships. Ensuring a deep understanding of this info type is crucial for effective and compliant HR management if your company engages in Concurrent Employment practices.

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