SAP PP Repetitive Manufacturing Process


SAP PP Repetitive Manufacturing Process

Simplifying Production with SAP PP: A Guide to Repetitive Manufacturing

Efficiency is paramount for manufacturers of high-volume, standardized products. SAP PP (Production Planning) offers a robust solution designed explicitly for this purpose: Repetitive Manufacturing (REM). This blog will guide you through the core functionalities of REM in SAP PP, helping you streamline production and optimize resource allocation.

What is Repetitive Manufacturing?

Repetitive manufacturing involves producing identical products in large quantities over a set period. Unlike discrete manufacturing, which focuses on individual customer orders, REM prioritizes production planning based on forecasts and stock levels. Here’s where SAP PP REM comes in.

Key Features of SAP PP REM

  • Planned Orders: Instead of production orders, REM utilizes planned orders, which define the production schedule for a specific period. This reduces manual intervention and streamlines production flow.
  • Repetitive Manufacturing Profile: This profile is a blueprint for REM, specifying details like backflush settings, component consumption, and finished product creation.
  • Backflushing: A key feature of REM, backflushing automatically confirms production completion, consumes components, and posts finished goods to inventory based on planned order quantities.
  • Production Planning and Control (PPC): SAP PP REM integrates seamlessly with PPC functions, enabling capacity planning, production line assignment, and real-time monitoring.

Benefits of Using SAP PP REM

  • Increased Efficiency: Automating confirmations and material movements through backflushing significantly reduces manual workload and processing time.
  • Improved Planning and Control: Planned orders provide a clear production roadmap, while REM profiles ensure consistent execution.
  • Enhanced Cost Management: Automatic consumption posting allows accurate cost calculations and better inventory control.
  • Reduced Errors: Backflushing minimizes manual data entry errors, leading to more reliable production data.

Who Should Use SAP PP REM?

SAP PP REM is ideal for companies that manufacture:

  • Standardized products with high demand and low variation.
  • Products in large quantities based on forecasts or stock levels.
  • Components for use in other production processes.


By leveraging SAP PP REM, manufacturers can significantly boost production efficiency. The automated processes and improved planning and control ensure a smoother production flow, reduced costs, and better overall visibility. If you’re dealing with repetitive manufacturing, consider implementing SAP PP REM to unlock the full potential of your production line.

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