Legal Entity Table in Oracle Fusion HCM


Legal Entity Table in Oracle Fusion HCM

In Oracle Fusion HCM, the “Legal Entity” table is part of the data structure used to store information about legal entities within an organization. A legal entity is a distinct and separate legal organization that is recognized as such under the law. Legal entities are often associated with business units, subsidiaries, or branches that have their own legal and regulatory requirements.

While I don’t have access to specific table names or structures, here’s a general idea of what the “Legal Entity” table might include:

  1. Legal Entity ID: A unique identifier for each legal entity record.
  2. Legal Entity Name: The name or description of the legal entity.
  3. Legal Address: The official address of the legal entity, including street address, city, state/province, postal code, and country.
  4. Tax Identification Number: The tax identification number or other relevant identifiers associated with the legal entity for tax reporting purposes.
  5. Contact Information: Contact details such as phone numbers, email addresses, and other relevant information.
  6. Ownership Structure: Information about the ownership structure of the legal entity, including parent-subsidiary relationships if applicable.
  7. Business Unit or Division: The business unit or division associated with the legal entity.
  8. Operational Information: Any additional operational details relevant to the legal entity.
  9. Regulatory Compliance: Details about legal and regulatory compliance requirements specific to the legal entity’s jurisdiction.
  10. Financial Information: Financial data related to the legal entity, such as revenue, expenses, and financial statements.

Legal entity data is crucial for various HR and business processes, including financial reporting, tax compliance, legal obligations, and more. Different legal entities might have different payroll rules, benefits structures, and legal requirements, making accurate and organized legal entity data essential.

When working with legal entity data in Oracle Fusion HCM, users typically interact with the data through the user interface and configuration tools provided by the system. The details of the actual “Legal Entity” table might vary based on the version of Oracle Fusion HCM and the specific modules implemented by the organization.

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