Location Table in Oracle Fusion HCM


Location Table in Oracle Fusion HCM

In Oracle Fusion HCM, the “Location” table is part of the data structure used to store information about different physical locations where an organization operates or has offices. These locations can represent offices, branches, factories, or any other physical places associated with the organization’s operations. The location data is important for various HR processes, such as managing employee work locations, reporting structures, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

While I don’t have access to specific table names or structures, here’s a general idea of what the “Location” table might include:

  1. Location ID: A unique identifier for each location record.
  2. Location Name: The name or description of the location.
  3. Address: The physical address of the location, including street address, city, state/province, postal code, and country.
  4. Contact Information: Contact details such as phone numbers, email addresses, and other relevant information.
  5. Time Zone: The time zone associated with the location, which is crucial for managing work hours and schedules.
  6. Reporting Hierarchy: Information about the hierarchical relationship between different locations within the organization’s structure.
  7. Geographical Coordinates: In some cases, latitude and longitude coordinates might be stored for mapping and geographic purposes.
  8. Business Unit or Division: The business unit or division associated with the location.
  9. Legal Entity: The legal entity or entities associated with the location.
  10. Operational Information: Any additional operational details relevant to the location.

Location data helps organizations manage various HR processes, including workforce planning, payroll, benefits administration, compliance reporting, and more. Employees are often associated with specific work locations, and the location data is used to determine aspects like tax rules, local labor laws, and reporting requirements.

When working with location data in Oracle Fusion HCM, users typically interact with the data through the user interface and configuration tools provided by the system. The details of the actual “Location” table might vary based on the version of Oracle Fusion HCM and the specific modules implemented by the organization.

For precise information about the “Location” table structure and how it’s used within your version of Oracle Fusion HCM, I recommend referring to Oracle’s official documentation or seeking assistance from Oracle support.

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