ML5 JS

ml5.js is a machine learning library for the web, built on top of TensorFlow.js. It aims to make machine learning accessible to a wide audience, including artists, students, and those new to programming.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can do with ml5.js:

  1. Image Classification: Recognize objects, animals, people, and many more things within images.
  2. Pose Estimation: Detect human body positions in images or video.
  3. Text Generation: Create new text in the style of a given sample text.
  4. Sound Classification: Recognize different sounds or words through a microphone.
  5. Neural Networks: Create and train custom neural network models.
  6. And much more: ml5.js includes many other capabilities, including but not limited to, Style Transfer, Face API, KNN Classification, etc.

The library is designed to be beginner-friendly, with a simple and consistent API and plenty of documentation and examples available on its official website.

Whether you’re an educator looking to introduce machine learning, an artist who wants to experiment with AI in a creative project, or a hobbyist eager to dive into this exciting field, ml5.js offers a fantastic starting point.

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