Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Government


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Government

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Government is a specialized cloud offering designed to meet the unique requirements and security needs of government agencies and organizations. OCI Government is tailored to support government customers at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as other public sector entities. Here are some key aspects and features of OCI Government:

  1. Compliance and Security: OCI Government is built to adhere to rigorous compliance and security standards required by government regulations. It provides a secure and compliant cloud environment to handle sensitive data and workloads.
  2. Data Residency: OCI Government regions are typically physically isolated and located within the specific geographic boundaries of a given country or region. This allows government customers to meet data residency and sovereignty requirements.
  3. Certifications: OCI Government regions often hold relevant certifications and accreditations, such as Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) authorization in the United States, enabling government agencies to use the cloud services for sensitive workloads.
  4. Dedicated Networking: OCI Government offers dedicated networking and connectivity options to ensure the separation and security of government traffic from public cloud traffic.
  5. Isolation: OCI Government regions are isolated from the commercial OCI regions to ensure that government workloads are not co-located with non-government workloads.
  6. Specialized Services: While OCI Government includes a core set of cloud services similar to the commercial offering, it may also include specialized services and features tailored for government use cases.
  7. Support for Government Use Cases: OCI Government is designed to support a wide range of government use cases, including secure data storage, analytics, disaster recovery, citizen services, and more.
  8. Integration with Government Systems: It offers integration capabilities to connect with existing government systems, data sources, and applications, facilitating digital transformation initiatives.
  9. Global Reach: OCI Government regions may be available in multiple countries and regions worldwide, allowing government organizations to deploy cloud resources closer to their end-users.
  10. Data Center Security: Oracle ensures that data centers housing government cloud regions meet stringent physical and environmental security standards.
  11. Hybrid Cloud Support: OCI Government can be integrated with on-premises government infrastructure to support hybrid cloud deployments and data center extensions.
  12. Industry Partnerships: Oracle often partners with government-focused systems integrators and solution providers to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to specific government needs.

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