Oracle Cloud Infrastructure KVM


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure KVM


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) does not provide a specific service called “OCI KVM.” However, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure does offer a variety of compute services and virtualization options, one of which is the ability to run virtual machines (VMs) based on different hypervisors, including Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM). Here’s an overview of how KVM can be used within OCI:

  1. Compute Services: OCI provides different types of compute services, such as Virtual Machines (VMs) and Bare Metal instances. These instances can run various operating systems, including those that use KVM as the hypervisor.
  2. KVM as a Hypervisor: KVM is a widely used open-source hypervisor that is included in the Linux kernel. It allows you to create and manage virtual machines on a Linux host. You can install and run Linux distributions that support KVM-based virtualization on OCI instances.
  3. KVM-Based Virtualization: When you launch an OCI instance with an operating system that supports KVM, you can use KVM-based virtualization to create and run virtual machines (VMs) on that instance.
  4. Customization: You have the flexibility to customize your OCI instances and VMs to meet your specific needs, including configuring storage, networking, and security.
  5. Supported Operating Systems: Many popular Linux distributions, such as CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), and Ubuntu, support KVM-based virtualization. You can choose an appropriate operating system image when creating an OCI instance.
  6. Virtualization Management: While OCI provides the infrastructure for running VMs, managing the virtualization environment and VMs themselves (creating, configuring, and monitoring) is typically performed by users and administrators.
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