Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Network Bandwidth


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Network Bandwidth

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) offers a robust networking infrastructure that provides high bandwidth and low-latency access to applications and data. However, the actual network bandwidth available to you can depend on various factors:

Factors Influencing Network Bandwidth:

  1. Instance Type: Different compute instances offer varying levels of network bandwidth.

  2. Resource Limitations: Sometimes there are account-level or tenancy-level limitations on network resources that can affect bandwidth.

  3. Region and Availability Domains: Network bandwidth can also differ based on the geographic region and availability domain.

  4. Load Balancers: Using load balancers efficiently can also impact the effective network bandwidth.

  5. Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) Configuration: Proper configuration, including subnets and security rules, can impact bandwidth.

  6. Data Transfer Costs: While not directly related to bandwidth, it’s important to be aware of any data transfer costs that may be associated with high network usage.

Bandwidth Options:

  1. Standard Bandwidth: The typical bandwidth offering that comes with most services and instances.

  2. High-Performance Bandwidth: Specialized options are available for high-demand applications and services that require low-latency and high throughput.

  3. Dedicated Circuits: For extremely high bandwidth needs, you may look into options like FastConnect, which provides a dedicated, private connection to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

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