Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications Service


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications Service

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications Service is a highly available, low-latency publish-subscribe (pub-sub) service that sends alerts and messages to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and external services. It allows you to broadcast messages to distributed components like email, Slack channels, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services, ensuring that these components are loosely coupled. It’s designed to provide real-time, reliable messaging for applications, and can also integrate with existing services such as email for notifications.


  1. Event-driven: React to changes or issues in your application or infrastructure immediately.

  2. Scalable: Scale to handle large volumes of messages.

  3. Reliable: Guaranteed message delivery, with built-in retries and dead-letter queues.

  4. Low-latency: Designed for quick message propagation with low overhead.

  5. Versatile: Notifications can be sent to various endpoints like Email, PagerDuty, Slack, and even Oracle Functions.

  6. Security: High levels of security including IAM policies to control access and message encryption.


  1. Alerting and Monitoring: Sending alerts to monitoring tools or personnel based on performance metrics.

  2. Workflow Coordination: Triggering serverless functions or coordinating workflows between microservices.

  3. Distributed Systems: Keeping multiple services in sync in real-time.

  4. Administrative Notifications: Informing admins of user activities or system issues.

  5. Customer Communication: Automated messages like welcome emails or billing reminders.

Common Steps to Set Up Notification Service:

  1. Create a Topic: A communication channel that you’ll publish messages to.

  2. Set IAM Policies: Assign policies to control who can publish or subscribe to topics.

  3. Add Subscriptions: Add endpoints that should receive messages. This could be email, slack, etc.

  4. Publish a Message: Test the topic by publishing a message to it.

  5. Monitoring and Logging: Optionally, you can set up logging to keep track of messages.

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