Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Networking


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Networking

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Networking is designed to provide high availability, scalability, and flexibility in the Oracle Cloud. It’s built on a virtual cloud network (VCN), which is a customizable and private network in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Here are some key components of OCI Networking:

Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)

This is your own private network in Oracle Cloud. You can control the IP address range, subnets, route tables, and gateways.


A subdivision of your VCN. You can configure your subnets to be either public or private. Public subnets usually have a route to the internet via an Internet Gateway, while private subnets do not.

Internet Gateway

Allows traffic between your VCN and the internet. This is used for public subnets in your VCN.

Network Security Group (NSG)

A set of firewall rules that act as a virtual firewall for your cloud resources.

Route Table

Consists of routing rules that direct traffic within the VCN, to gateways, and to other VCNs.

Load Balancer

Automatically distributes incoming traffic across multiple targets such as instances in a VCN.


Provides a private connection between an on-premises network and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

VPN Connect

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) that provides a secure and encrypted tunnel from your on-premises network to your VCN.

Service Gateway

Provides a path for private network traffic between your VCN and supported Oracle services.

Local Peering Gateway (LPG)

Allows the peering of two VCNs in the same Oracle Cloud region.

Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG)

Connects your VCN to other networks via VPN or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect.

Private Endpoints

Allows resources in a VCN to be accessed privately from other VCNs or on-premises networks.

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