Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Regions


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Regions

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is a cloud computing platform offered by Oracle. It provides a wide range of cloud services and is available in multiple regions worldwide to cater to the needs of businesses and organizations. Each region is a separate geographic area with its own data centers and availability domains, designed to provide redundancy and high availability. Here are some of the key Oracle Cloud Infrastructure regions:

  1. North America
    • Ashburn (US East)
    • Phoenix (US West)
    • Toronto (Canada Southeast)
  1. South America
    • Sao Paulo (Brazil East)
  1. Europe
    • Frankfurt (Germany Central)
    • London (UK South)
    • Zurich (Switzerland North)
  1. Middle East
    • Jeddah (Saudi Arabia West)
  1. Asia-Pacific
    • Mumbai (India West)
    • Seoul (South Korea Central)
    • Tokyo (Japan East)
    • Osaka (Japan Central)
    • Sydney (Australia East)
    • Melbourne (Australia Southeast)
  1. Government Cloud
    • Gov Ashburn (US Gov East)
    • Gov Phoenix (US Gov West)

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