Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials Implementing Subledger Accounting Guide



Subledger Accounting (SLA) is a feature in Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials that allows you to create accounting entries in a controlled and auditable manner for various business transactions. Here are the general steps to implement Subledger Accounting in Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials:

  1. Setup: Before implementing Subledger Accounting, you must perform some setup tasks. This involves defining accounting rules, defining journal entry setups, configuring accounting methods, and setting up reporting currencies.
  2. Accounting Methods Builder (AMB): Oracle Fusion Subledger Accounting uses the Accounting Methods Builder (AMB) tool to define accounting rules and methods. You can describe various practices, such as how different transactions are accounted for, which accounts are affected, and how the accounting entries are generated.
  3. Application Configuration: Configure accounting options for the specific application modules you are using, such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchasing, etc. This includes setting up transaction sources, categories, event types, and models.
  4. Journal Entry Setups: Define journal entry setups that determine the accounting entries generated by Subledger Accounting. You can specify each journal entry setup’s accounting date, currency, ledger, and other parameters.
  5. Create Accounting: You can run the Create Accounting process once the setup is complete. This process generates accounting entries based on your defined rules and forms. Depending on your requirements, you can run this process in various modes, such as Online, Synchronous, or Asynchronous.
  6. Review and Adjust: After generating accounting entries, you can review and adjust them if needed. Subledger Accounting provides tools to analyze and validate the accounting entries before posting them to the general ledger.
  7. Transfer to General Ledger: Once the accounting entries are reviewed and approved, you can transfer them to the General Ledger module for final posting. The General Ledger module handles the aggregation of sub-ledger accounting entries and creates journal entries that update the general ledger accounts.
  8. Reporting: Subledger Accounting provides various reports and inquiry tools to review and analyze the accounting entries, such as the Subledger Accounting Trial Balance and Subledger Journal Entries reports.

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You can find more information about Oracle Fusion Cloud application in this Oracle Docs Link



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