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Oracle Fusion Financials offers a robust suite of financial reporting tools that allow organizations to generate various financial reports for decision-making, compliance, and analysis purposes. These reports provide insights into an organization’s financial health, performance, and compliance with accounting standards. Here are some key features and types of information available in Oracle Fusion Financials:

  1. Financial Statement Generator (FSG) Reports: FSG reports are used to create flexible and customizable financial statements, such as income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and other specialized financial reports. Users can define row and column sets, calculations, and formatting options to tailor messages to their needs.
  2. Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Publisher Reports: BI Publisher is a powerful tool for creating and publishing pixel-perfect operational and financial reports. It provides various formatting options, supports multiple output formats (PDF, Excel, HTML, etc.), and creates complex, data-rich pieces.
  3. Financial Reporting Center (FR Studio): The Financial Reporting Center provides a user-friendly interface for designing and generating financial reports. It offers a rich set of reporting components, including tables, charts, and graphs, to visualize financial data effectively.
  4. Bright View: Smart View is an Excel add-in that integrates with Oracle Fusion Financials, allowing users to design, access, and refresh reports directly from Excel. This tool is handy for financial analysts who are comfortable working with Excel and want to leverage its capabilities for financial reporting.
  5. Account Monitor and Account Inspector Reports: These reports provide insights into account balances, transactions, and journal entries, enabling users to monitor and analyze financial data at a granular level.
  6. Statutory and Regulatory Reports: Oracle Fusion Financials supports the generation of statutory and regulatory reports to comply with local accounting and tax requirements. These reports include tax returns, financial statements, and other compliance-related documents.
  7. Ad Hoc Query and Analysis: Users can perform ad hoc queries and analyses on financial data using tools like Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) or Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (BICS).
  8. Multidimensional Analysis: Oracle Fusion Financials offers multidimensional reporting capabilities, allowing users to analyze financial data from different dimensions, such as business units, departments, periods, etc.

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