Oracle Fusion HCM Jobs


Oracle Fusion HCM Jobs

In Oracle Fusion HCM, various job roles are available to manage, configure, and use the human capital management application. These job roles cater to different responsibilities and access privileges within the system. Some of the key Oracle Fusion HCM job roles include:

  1. HR Specialist: This role is responsible for managing employee data, including new hires, terminations, transfers, and other HR transactions.
  2. HR Generalist: The HR Generalist role handles a wide range of HR activities, including employee relations, performance management, and talent development.
  3. Payroll Specialist: This role is responsible for processing payroll, managing payroll deductions, and ensuring accurate and timely salary disbursements.
  4. Benefits Specialist: The Benefits Specialist manages employee benefits, enrollment, and administration of benefits programs.
  5. Talent Acquisition Specialist: This role focuses on recruitment, sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, and managing the hiring process.
  6. Compensation Analyst: The Compensation Analyst role involves designing, analyzing, and administering compensation plans and salary structures.
  7. Learning and Development Specialist: This role manages employee training and development programs, tracks training completion, and assesses training needs.
  8. Performance Management Specialist: The Performance Management Specialist oversees the performance appraisal process and supports performance reviews.
  9. Absence Management Specialist: This role is responsible for managing employee leave and absence requests, ensuring compliance with leave policies.
  10. HR Data Analyst: The HR Data Analyst role involves analyzing HR data, creating reports, and providing insights to support HR decision-making.
  11. HRIS Administrator: The HRIS Administrator manages the HR information system, including system configurations, security, and data maintenance.
  12. HR Business Partner: The HR Business Partner works closely with business leaders to align HR strategies with business objectives.
  13. HR Operations Manager: This role oversees HR operations, ensuring smooth and efficient HR processes and transactions.
  14. HR Manager: The HR Manager leads the HR team and oversees all HR functions within the organization.
  15. HR Director: The HR Director is responsible for setting HR strategies, policies, and guidelines at the organizational level.

These are just a few examples of the job roles that exist in Oracle Fusion HCM. Each organization may have additional or customized roles based on their specific HR structure and requirements. The assignment of job roles is typically based on the organization’s hierarchy and business needs, and access privileges are granted accordingly to ensure data security and compliance.

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